The Training of O is a bondage sex Website where hot girls go through 4 days of female bondage slave training.
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Hogtie is at Pukka Ropes Hogtie, Shibari, Dominance and Submission and a lot of other fetishes gathered together


Foxy lady in catsuit gets Hogtied

The full version of this 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied was also added in 1998 to the members area of Hogtied.

Foxy is completely restrained with a gagball inside her mouth, with her arms tied behind her head, with her legs tied slightly open, with her knees bent and as usual a rope with some basic knots passes by her pussy. Seeing Foxy laying on that mattress so helpless is a really turn on for me, but that is not all. She is wearing some sort of panty hose/catsuit all over her body, and her master is taking pictures of her. Did I mention that her nipples are clipped?

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Tina is tied and suspended in various painful ways

This 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied was added in 1998 to their members area (OK, on members area of Hogtied you can see the FULL VERSION of this video).

Tina has her ankles, her arms and her wrists tied up together and had a bar that "locks" her knees and her elbows together, she is laying on a mattress and the rope that is used to tie ankles, her arms and her wrists is tied to the ceiling. Not to mention that she has a nasty gagball in her mouth. On this short sample clip you can also see her tied up on a slightly different position, with her legs spread open her arms behind her back and some basic shibari knots close to her pussy (yes, the ropes passes inside it). She is completely restrained and that truly turned me on!!

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Voluptuous 40+ year old woman in bondage

On this 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied you are able to see Olivia getting what she deserves for being such a nasty "girl".

She gets whipped while chained to the bed. She gets tied up and her master pulls her arms being up by the ropes. Then her master puts a blind fold over her eyes and make her sit on a bench with her legs and arms tied by ropes. After that you can see Olivia into some basic shibari with her arms and legs tied and with some hopes into her genitalia and a nice gagball (which she was already using before). I am not going to tell all that happens on the video, I will just say that she ends up on some sort of rope suspension (not the real thing) with her legs spread!!