The Training of O is a bondage sex Website where hot girls go through 4 days of female bondage slave training.
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Hogtie is at Pukka Ropes Hogtie, Shibari, Dominance and Submission and a lot of other fetishes gathered together


Stuck in the Mud

Cici Rhodes had a live show coming up when this was shot and she needed to get into shape. Not physically, her body is amazing, but mentally she needed to be ready to suffer. City living can be such a distraction, with the clubs, parties, clothes and cell phones. A few hours stripped down and tied to a post in the mud will be a great start for clearing her mind.


Hobble Skirt

A little know fact about Dixon Mason: without the element of pain she simply cannot be sexually satisfied. A few sharp strikes will have her pussy wet and her eyes glazed over, but without that she is just bored and frustrated. We like her too much to see her like that. Clearly we are going to have to punish her body with clamps, canes and whips until she cums her way to nirvana.


New Horizons

This is the first day of Tracy Sweet's week long exploration into bondage. She is fit, used to grueling work outs and physical challenges, but how well has her training prepared her to deal with The Farm? She may be able to run a marathon, but that is nothing compared to the punishment we are going to put her body through once we have her stripped down and tied up.


Meat and Potatoes

Sasha is trotted into the room wearing a pretty pink dress and a potato sack on her head. A dirty mattress dominates the middle of the room and she is roughly forced down onto it. Stripped and manhandled, the tears come quickly to her eyes. She pleads, weakly, hoping for some sort of mercy. Instead she receives the business end of the most painful toys this dungeon has to offer.