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Hogtie is at Pukka Ropes Hogtie, Shibari, Dominance and Submission and a lot of other fetishes gathered together


Tricia Oacks Learns Humility

Tricia Oaks is too proud. She has a perfect body but you can tell she knows it. Cyd Black has a way to completely change her attitude. He does not waste a lot of time making elaborate knots because they do not serve his purpose. He wants to humble Tricia but being bound and humiliated is only part of that lesson. The marks he leaves will be painful reminders of what he has taught her today.


Alecia gets ‘Pussy Play Bondage’ with a vibrator

This is another 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied. On this video, that was added back in 2000, you can see Alecia getting some 'Pussy Play Bondage' with a vibrator!

The video starts with a 4 cuff spread bar bounding Alecia's ankles and wrists while she has a rope that passes by her genitalia an goes around her belly. At this time of the video she is getting her perfect round ass spanked by her master. There are some knots on the rope that are perfectly placed on her genitalia and on her asshole.

After that Alecia is hogtied with a blue gagball in her mouth and ropes binding her arms together. It is a pleasure to see her struggling to get free, rolling over the mat that is on the floor.

The next part is one of my favorites, where Alecia is bound, with her arms and feet suspended, and with really nice breast bondage, while her master plays with a vibrator on her pussy.

Next she is hogtied with both wrists tied one of her legs and the other suspended by her ankle, so that her master can continue to play with the vibrator on her pussy and some spanking on her ass.

On the following part Alecia is suspended upside down, with her arms bound behind her back while her master opens her pussy and plays with the vibrator in her.

Finally Alecia gets restrained on a metal structure with her wrists and ankles tied to the base of it so that her perfect ass is on a perfect position to get spanked. On this part of the movie Alecia has her nipples clipped and chained while being spanked by her master.

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Ivy tied hard and stretched in Hogtied’s dungeon

The full version of this 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied was added to the members area of Hogtied in early 1999.

On the first part of the clip Ivy is restrained with a gagball in her mouth, her pussy and her nipples are clipped, her arms are up and her legs are spread open... and she didn't take her high heels off. After that she is restrained into another position: with her knees tied to the side bars and a massive black dildo under her. Then Ivy gets suspended with her legs spread over a wooden chair (did I mention that her nipples are still clipped?) at this part of the clip you can see all her pretty ribs. On the part of the video that comes after that she is in the cross position, with her wrists tied. She also has a rope that is tied around her waist and from there a rope with knots goes to her pussy. she also gets tied in 2 other positions on this short clip from Hogtied.


Foxy lady in catsuit gets Hogtied

The full version of this 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied was also added in 1998 to the members area of Hogtied.

Foxy is completely restrained with a gagball inside her mouth, with her arms tied behind her head, with her legs tied slightly open, with her knees bent and as usual a rope with some basic knots passes by her pussy. Seeing Foxy laying on that mattress so helpless is a really turn on for me, but that is not all. She is wearing some sort of panty hose/catsuit all over her body, and her master is taking pictures of her. Did I mention that her nipples are clipped?

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Tina is tied and suspended in various painful ways

This 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied was added in 1998 to their members area (OK, on members area of Hogtied you can see the FULL VERSION of this video).

Tina has her ankles, her arms and her wrists tied up together and had a bar that "locks" her knees and her elbows together, she is laying on a mattress and the rope that is used to tie ankles, her arms and her wrists is tied to the ceiling. Not to mention that she has a nasty gagball in her mouth. On this short sample clip you can also see her tied up on a slightly different position, with her legs spread open her arms behind her back and some basic shibari knots close to her pussy (yes, the ropes passes inside it). She is completely restrained and that truly turned me on!!

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