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Hogtie is at Pukka Ropes Hogtie, Shibari, Dominance and Submission and a lot of other fetishes gathered together


Hogtied hottie Rhannion hangs helpless

This is another 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied, that was added back in 1999. This time Hogtied's hottie Rhannion hangs helpless.

The video starts with submissive Rhannion with a blue gagball in her mouth and restrained with two hand cuffs being used on her wrists and elbows so that she can't move her arms at all and another one on her ankles.

After that submissive Rhannion is hogtied laying on the bed, with a posture mask tied to her left ankle, her right wrist is tied to her right ankle and her left arm is tied behind her back close her right shoulder.

After that submissive Rhannion faces a nice boob bondage with a clothes hanger clipped to her nipples and a little weight attached to it. Her movements are almost impossible because of the corset she is wearing and also because of the way she is hogtied, with her arms are tied over her head to her ankles. The same ropes used to tie her wrists and ankles passes by her genitalia.

Next submissive Rhannion is bound to a bench with ropes keeping her arms up and her head on the correct posture because of the posture mask that she is wearing. The rope that goes around her waist also passes by her genitalia and is also attached to the chain that is clipped to her nipples. Her legs are bound to the bench's base structure.

In the end of the video submissive Rhannion wears a posture collar that has two cuffs too keep her wrists close to her face and a few ropes to maintain her on the proper position.

This video from Hogtied is one of the softcore bondage videos you can find on the members area, but don't be mistaken as on the members area of Hogtied you will be able to watch a ton of full hardcore bondage videos.


April’s get a perfect pussy bondage

This is another 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied, that was added back in 1999. This April gets some perfect pussy bondage.

The video with April restrained with her wrists and ankles bound on a steel bondage device. Her master is flogging her ass and her pussy using a leather flogger.

After that she is tied to the bed with her nipples clipped with 2 mouse traps. As usual the ropes goes over her pussy and she has a gagball inside her mouth while her master continues to whip her with the leather flogger.

Next her master has her bound to a chair with her legs spread and her pussy clipped with 8 clothespins. She still has the gag ball in her mouth, but now her master is using a ridding crop to stimulate her pussy and her ass.

Then she is restrained on her knees over the bed, with a posture collar keeping her looking up. April is completely bound her master plays with her lower parts and her tits (that are clipped and chained). I like the part where she tries to get free from the sopes that are restraining her movements, but she has no luck at all.

April gets restrained to the bed once again, but now her arms are crossed and she is laying back while being flogged by the leather flogger her master loves. She gets her pussy, her lower belly and her chest flogged.

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Cute young Ivy gets chained in Hogtied’s dungeon

This is another 2 minute sample clip from Hogtied, that was added back in 1999. This time cute young Ivy gets chained in Hogtied's dungeon.

The video starts with Ivy chained and suspended over a sybian, she has her nipples cliped and a gagball in har mouth. The chains are on her anlkes and wrists, but on this part of the video there is not much action. After that she is standing up with her wrists and arms bound behind her back (chained to her leather collar) and she still has the gagball in her mouth, but now her perfect nipples are no longer clipped.

Then there is another scene where she is also bound standing up, but now they used a bar to bound her wrists and she has a belt bounding her elbows together. The gagball continues in her mouth, but now she also has her knees and her ankles bound together.

Then she gets restrained with chains around her ankles and her waist, passing by her pussy. The chain is that is around Ivy's waist is attached to a bucket full of weight that makes that waist move forward.

On the next part Ivy has her arm chained behind her back with leather cuffs and she has a posture collar that is chained to her ankles and also to a bar that goes between her legs. Last but not least, Ivy is completely restrained with chains around her breast, knees and ankles.

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