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Beautiful Pandora in more bedroom bondage fun

This is another 2 minute sample clip from Hogtied, that was added back in 1999. This time beautiful Pandora has some more bedroom bondage fun.

The video from Hogtied begins with beautiful Pandora completely bound and naked. She is tied over the bed's structure with her arms tied over and behind her head by the wrists, and with her perfect nipples clipped and chained. Pandora's bobys is so perfectly tattooed that the simple fact that it is exposed already turned me on.

Then her master changes the way she is bound, but not the place. Now she has her head bound to on side of the bed's structure while her arms are bound behind her back to the other side of the bed's structure. Add to all that the fact that her legs are bound together and that she has some weights attached to the chain that is clipped on her nipples.

After that light bondage, Pandora gets bound on her knees with her head between the bed's structure. She has a bondage yoke (that goes around her neck and locks both of her wrists) that makes it impossible to get out of that position on which she stands (specially because of the handcuff that restrain the movement from the bondage yoke) while getting het back whipped by a big brown leather flogger.

Next Pandora has her feet and arms bound by a quad bondage bar with 4 cuffs while she gets her pussy stimulated. In the end of the sample video, Pandore has her arms bound in front of her her head and her waist are bound to the bed structure behind her. Add to that the fact that she has a slave hood on her head while she gets her ass flogged and spanked.

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