Women are bound, dominated and subjected to water play. This site features BDSM, elegant rope bondage, pain and real orgasms.
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Hogtie is at Pukka Ropes Hogtie, Shibari, Dominance and Submission and a lot of other fetishes gathered together


Some Good Plain Fun

Elise Graves wanted to see the new space Sister Dee found and now she has the dubious honor of being the first person to suffer in it. The place is not even furnished but that does not mean they cannot have a good time anyway. The wide open spaces are perfect for throwing a whip. All of the bells and whistles just get in the way. Here SD can focus on the bondage without all of the distractions.


SD has a TwoFer

Sister Dee is playing a double header. First she has time to molest Sarah Jane Ceylon and when she is done, Sophie Ryan is waiting at home. There is no rest for the wicked. It is a good thing that she finds the act of making these girls suffer so very relaxing. She has got a long day ahead of her but this is more of a working-vacation. When you love what you do it lets you keep going all day long.


Elise Gets Something New

Sister Dee pulls Elise close to her and whispers in her ear. The words are cold but they make both of them suddenly begin to feel very hot. SD has to be creative if she wants to make Elise suffer. A little bit of bondage will be a good start but it will take more than that. She is going to have to break out her secret ingredients. The effects come on quick and they are very strong.


Star Screams for SD

Every tool has a distinct sound. Whips whistle as they move through the air. Canes seem to hum. Star will learn each sound and add her own. The tools will provide the beat and Star will scream for the melody. To Sister Dee this may as well be a beautiful sonata. When SD wants to turn the intensity up she uses new positions to do it. Crucifying Star upside down is a move that no one saw coming.


412 Feels Boxed In

412 is one block headed bitch. The box Sister Dee uses to black out the world for 412 is a simple, but effective, tool for intimidation. Inside is pitch black, and while sounds from outside are muffled and indistinct they echo around the chamber. 412 can barely think inside. Her own breath fills the space and makes hit hotter and more humid as she gasps for air to gain her composure.


Marina in Humiliation Whore

Being a worthless cunt means putting up with all kinds of shit. Marina knows that as well as anyone since she has submitted to Sister Dee. Being covered in spit is the least of her worries. She better pray Sister Dee does not decide to fuck her with the new cock she just carved out of ginger or leave her baking on a stone slab in the sun all day. After SD is satisfied, Marina may earn a reward.


SD Plays With 412

Most girls cry or beg once the beatings start, but 412 is unique. When she is taking her lashes she is furiously rubbing her clit. And since she loves the pain so much she is expected to pay it back with pleasure. A face mounted cock is the perfect tool, so while she is fucking Sister Dee she can smell the juices flowing. It is the aroma of lust and as it builds it drives them both into a frenzy.


Emily Marilyn Broken In

Emily Marilyn does not normally enjoy BDSM but there is something about the way Sister Dee dominates her will that makes everything so much hotter. Normally she cannot force herself to enjoy pain, much less cum through it, but with Sister Dee whispering firm guidance into her ear, anything is possible. She falls into the mood so completely that in the end she becomes lost in the sensuality of it.


Dia Zerva Gets Surprised

Dia Zerva thought she was going to a modeling gig. Seeing Sister Dee tied up and gagged should have let her know this was going to be rough. The two of them are going to share everything for as long as they belong to PD. They will suffer together, pleasure him together, and cum in unison or there will be consequences. They are tied together and closer to each other than ever before.


Elise Having Painful Orgasms

Sister Dee decides to give Elise Graves more orgasms than she can take and the results hot. She starts off moaning but it ends in screams. Each orgasm makes her pussy more sensitive to the vibration coursing through her clit until it is almost too painful to bear. Sister Dee does her the favor of distracting her from the fire in her cunt, but the pain she inflicts just drives Elise even more wild.