Hogtied features hardcore porn videos of gorgeous girls who love to be bound and fucked hard by dildos, fingers and devices.
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Hogtie is at Pukka Ropes Hogtie, Shibari, Dominance and Submission and a lot of other fetishes gathered together


Sexy submissive Averice in ‘Amazing Rope Suspensions’

This is another 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied, that was added back in November of 1999. This time you can see sexy submissive Averice in 'Amazing Rope Suspensions'.

The video starts with submissive Averice suspended with ropes tied on a wooden structure. She has a blue gagball in her mouth and rpoes tied to her wrists, elbows, chest, belly and thight while hetting flogged with a brown leather flogger. Then her master gets a ridding crop and starts stimulating her nipples. After that he gets a wooden paddle and uses it to stimulate her pierced genitalia.

Next submissive Averice is suspended over a few candles, with her arms tied behind her back and her ankles bound together. At this time her master uses a small black flogger on her ass and runs to take some pictures.

On the next part of the video submissive Averice is suspended upside down. Averice her both wrists tied to her waist line and her ankles are bound to her tight while her masters uses a big brown leather flogger on her lower body (ass and legs) and does some spanking on her ass.

Then she is once again on a nice rope bondage suspension, but this time she is restrained by her ankles, knees, waist and back. At this time submissive Averice gets her ass beaten with a ridding crop and also gets it spanked by her master. As she continues to be punished by her master, he moves to the big brown leather flogger and beats her perfect ass.

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Foxy gets the full treatment in ‘water and wax torture’

The full version of this 2 minute sample video clip from Hogtied was also added in 1999 to the members area of Hogtied.

Foxy is completely restrained on a suspension bar, with a gagball inside her mouth and a rope tied around her waist, her knees and ankles. So she can barely continue to stand up. On the next part of the video you can see that she continues restrained on the suspension bar, but now she has a leg spreads on her ankles and her master is punishing her with a flogger while taking pictures from her with a "remote control".

After that Foxy has her ankles restrained with a rope tied to her waist and arms tied to the wooden structure. That is when her master decides it is time to use some wooden paddle to spank her ass (I love the part when she tries to avoid getting spanked while her ass turns red).

Then he decides that it is time to play with candle wax. He begins waxing around her genitalia area and once he is done with the wax he begins whipping her pussy with a flogger.

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